Sunday, September 12, 2010

Apron Femeninity

I am very fond of my apron. 

As my tummy extends, my apron is ever more and more necessary.
  Mine is a classic farm cut that we found the pattern for
in Mary Jane’s Farm magazine, Dec/Jan 20009. 
I had been looking for just such an apron for quite some time, 
and the girls and I promptly bought fabric and made three of them up.
 However, they were not form fitting enough to suit the young ladies tastes, 
but covered my poochy frame nicely. 
I altered the pattern slightly for the girls,
taking seams in on the front,
added some cute pockets,
and lengthened the back, making it three buttons
instead of the one on the original pattern.  
We are not expert seamstresses,
so this was actually quite an easy task if you have a bit of ingenuity. 
The end result is a romantic “Sarah Plain and Tall”  apron which Anna adores.

We found the cutest pattern book for all kinds of fun designs
that had the girls in the sewing room for days on end.  
We highly recommend it.

Even little Bethany wants to wear “a Cook”  when helping in the kitchen,
she has several to choose from, 
as we were trying different patterns and styles out
and having a lot of fun being creative. 
The big Farm apron is an easy 2 or 3 hour project.
  In one afternoon a person could sew up quite a few aprons,
but beware, it is addicting, at least it was for us.

My theory is that when a woman ties on an apron, 
her attitude often changes. 
The importance of domesticity is elevated, 
and one feels more inclined to the task than without an apron.  
A lovely rendition of something she particularly likes,
one that makes her smile, is the perfect solution to kitchen blas.  
We wear our aprons for all sorts of things besides being in the kitchen.
 Cleaning the house, eating something messy,
painting, or gardening,
an apron is a beautiful and practical form of femininity to be enjoyed. 

It may just be the romantic in me,
but I do believe an apron makes a big difference,
perhaps in a subtle way that one may not notice at first. 
But, give a gal an apron anyway, it is worth a try.


  1. I love Aprons too! I am always wearing one. Even when it's 106 out with my shorts and flip flops. It makes my food taste better :)

  2. I love that's exactly the kind I'm looking for.

  3. You really should make and sell those!


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