Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Go Camping

Every fall we go camping at the state park on the reservoir. 
The quaint little cabin does not even come close to housing all of us, 
so we pack tents for boys and girls.

The deer come in close, curiously watching us and hoping for apples. 
They have gleaned all the ones they can reach off the trees,
so the children climb and shake the trees,
filling up a box so that when the deer come in, they can roll apples to them,
like bowling balls, across the meadow to the waiting deer.

Skiing and tubing on the water in a friend’s boat is a highlight, 
as well as swimming and hide and seek at night. 
There is always the delight of mud to play in, for all the redneck types,
and plenty of marshmallows and cocoa to sugar glaze all the children.

On Sunday we celebrate the Lord’s day together with friends around 
the campfire with scripture and song,
flannel shirts and dirty fingernails. 
I find it all very appealing and romantic.

Ben has been begging to go “pluming.” 
There are plenty of blackberry bushes,
plum trees and apple trees near the campground
to make for a picturesque outing foraging together. 
The cool weather adds to the glory of  atmospheric ideals.  

Our family adores the outdoors, even in bad weather.
  For the little ones, they are at home as long as daddy and mama are there.
The older children relish the adventure, which is a good thing,
since we endured a violent thunderstorm one night.
  I personally love bad weather,
but I did feel some apprehension over the younger boys in their tent,
until daddy ventured out and found them all sleeping soundly
to the booming thunder, pelting rain and frequent lightening that crashed about
for a good portion of the night.

 We had a wonderful time, very relaxing and enjoyable. 
There is something about living outside
that just settles me and revives me at the same time.  
Alas, the time came to return home. 
Even the 19 loads of laundry awaiting cannot remove the smile from my face. 
The lasting memories will carry us along for many days. 
Then, there is always the hopes and plans for next year already in the makings.
 In the meantime, I will be thankfully enjoying my own cozy bed,
after all, camping is wonderful,
but there is still no place like home.

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