Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall is Here!

Fall is here.
  I love it.

I love all the seasons, especially when they first make their appearance. 
Wind singing in the trees, the sound of dry leaves rustling and falling.
The smell of earth wet from a hard rain and now warming in the sun. 
The smell of newly stacked hay in the barn, of the fresh, pungent forest, and fresh cut wood.
Family life together makes it all the more enjoyable.

Autumns past have been filled to the brim with harvesting,
foraging, canning, and some great hiking in the crisp mountain air.
Memories that will last a lifetime because they are shared with those we hold dearest.

I anticipate much of the same from this year,
and we all look forward to the fun of it all,
and all of it fun together.

We work together, play together,
enjoy life together.
Clinging to the few years we have when our children are all home,
we endevour to go places together,
stay at home together,
eat at the table together,
and enjoy one another.
I believe our family is strong
because we avoid things that separate us into different directions
as much as possible.
Each season, we labor and love in the best that season has to offer,

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  1. I grew up as an only child with a working mother for 13 years and have now entered the world of homeschooling my two ages 7 and 5. I always thought busyness equaled productivity, but I'm learning otherwise. Thanks for the reminders!


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