Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lessons Learned

 The words
I keep repeating to my children as we school are starting to permeate my mind.
"Be Diligent, Jim." 
"Do it carefully, Bethany."
"Do your best, now."
"Settle Down, Gabe." 

They are words I should be speaking to myself as I go about my day.
Or is it MY day?
Actually, it is the Lord's day,
and I need to heed my own words or exhortation,
devoting this day to Him and His glory, His kingdom.

Be diligent, Julianne, as you teach your children.
Do it carefully, Julianne, not being lazy or slothful, but thoroughly.
Do your best as unto the Lord.
And when my ire gets up because I have repeated myself six times already, 
the quicker I settle down,
the better for us all. 

The Proverb for today is 3:21-26,
here is part of it that seemed to be just for me today:
"Keep sound wisdom and discretion,
so they will be life to your soul and adornment for your neck.
Then will you walk in your way securely."

Each hour passes gracefully when I prayerfully set about each task,
or prayerfully consider each moment. 
I walk in the life-giving strength of the Lord as I commit my time to become His time,
for His purpose.
Herein is the most joy and peace that I have ever known found, 
even amidst chaotic disturbances in an otherwise quiet day,
and my way feels secure.

I am learning these lessons even as I teach school. 
What seems most relevant
is that I not only start the day with prayer,
but continue in prayer,
talking to the Lord every few thoughts.

  Isn’t is great how I don’t have to stop to get His attention?  
And isn’t it marvelous that He is always available and listening?
  Perhaps that is what “Walking with God” means after all.  
Now that I think about it, if I am not continuing in prayer,
I am really just in a step- stop- step- stop process. 
What that looks like in my life on a daily basis is this: 
"I am good- oh I need help/peace- I’m good now- help!-oh no, help aga
in- I’m good. "

But, the scriptures speak of life FLOWING,
God’s grace flowing, like a river,
not like a drip.
So, lesson learned; when I sense God’s presence in me like a drip,
I know I need to continue instant in prayer,
letting it become unceasing throughout the day.

holy experience


  1. Julianne,
    Isn’t it amazing how the lessons we want to teach our kids are often the same lessons we need to learn ourselves? I love how God works that way. Thanks for the beautiful thoughts this morning. You sound like such a wonderful mama.


  2. "And when my ire gets up because I have repeated myself six times already, the quicker I settle down,
    the better for us all."

    Ooh. Ouch. This is for me today.

  3. Beautifully written. Thank you for that reminder. It is the Lord's day, and how easy it is for us to let it become about us.

    "Do it patiently, Erika. Give your all, your full attention. Don't rush. Do it all in love as serving Me."

    Those are the words I need to hear today. Thank you for reminding me.

    Stopping in from Walk with Him Wednesday!

  4. what an encouragement to heed God's Word and continually at His feet...your children are adorable!


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