Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More than Devotions

Sharla Roby Jost sings a song on her album,  "Be Still" titled,
"I see the Lord."
It is a gentle, beautiful chorus with the words of Isaiah the Prophet.
" I see the Lord,
high and lifted up, 
seated on the throne, of my life.
  And He is Holy, Holy, Holy, 
seated on the throne of my life."

When I awake each morning, my first thoughts,
before I am even out of bed, are directed toward the Lord. 
Suddenly, my mind is restless with the thoughts of the day ahead. 
In years past, I would quickly read my Bible, say a few prayers, 
and check that off my to do list, getting on with my day. 
Recently, this precious time has become more
than just a devotional few minutes.
  I am learning to relax and enjoy my Heavenly Father.
So while I sip a cup of my husband's incredible coffee,  I let my restless mind ramble.
  After about 10 minutes, my mind slows down 
and I can focus on thinking about WHO God is.
  See the Holy sitting on the throne of my life, 
and myself bowed down at His feet.

This picture gives way to me getting out of the way...
laying down my desires and wants, to follow God's plan for me.  
God's plan is for me to let go of my rights to a perfect day,
to not getting interrupted 50 times,
to things going my way, 
to being just plain selfish about life.
  Instead, yielding my way for the preference of others. 
Don't get the idea that I am a door mat, 
I am a very bossy person by nature, 
But I am learning that I must decrease and God must increase in me, so I try to accept things as less than perfect,
and lay aside my to do list
in my romantic, ideal world. 
I picture myself physically getting out of the drivers seat, 
so that God himself can be behind the wheel. 
I would not dream of telling Him where to go,
and I am even beginning to keep myself from telling Him
how I think He should drive, :-)
but passively enjoy His presence as we journey along. 
I am letting go of control issues and seeking a more gentle way.  
These are the thoughts and motives behind my morning prayers, 
as I pray for myself, my husband, my children,
and others that are on my heart.  
Only when I have followed this lengthy process
can I look at the Scriptures in a personal way,
instead of textbook way,
and see them as an intimate letter from my heavenly Father with application meant for me. 
I continue on with thanksgiving and more thoughts about God's goodness and Who He is. 
The very Creator of the universe lives in me?  Whoa!!
Take time to be awed. 
It does take time...just being still,
and letting the thought of God overwhelm you. 
Then you know you are ready for the day,
you know that you have seen God,
and it has changed you.

holy experience


  1. What a blessing dear sister to read this wonderful encouraging blog.

    There are days that go by that I miss the morning devotional times spent as a family in the early morning hours before my hubby would leave for work and the boys and I would head out to our little home school class room.

    They are grown now and both married. I pray that those mornings, each alone with God in our own personal way, were a foundation that they will build within their new and growing families.

    My hubby travels for his job and is gone much and my morning are truly so very lonely. So many things have changed and yet I know that I have a God who has not!

    Blessings dear sister,

  2. great blog! I have been looking for that song all over. one of my favorites as a child and i have not heard it since. can you email it to me?


  3. great blog! that song was one of my favorites as a kids and i have been looking for it everywhere. can you email it to me?



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