Sunday, September 5, 2010

What We're Doing

With love and laughter, we celebrate everyday that the Lord gives us.
  My goal in life is to be a gracious woman, 
one who has a good attitude and therefore creates a loving home environment. 
What we do when no one is looking is who we really are. 
What we do when we are not working speaks volumes of who we are.

Our oldest, John, recently got a great job fighting wildland fire.
  He loves it.  I think that the part about coming home dirtier than ever is a big highlight for him. 
John is done with high school and contemplating his future. 
We are not in any hurry to get rid of him, so he is helping out the family, 
being a mentor to his siblings, and working a great deal. 
Soon, he will also be coaching club wrestling in our community. 
When he has free time, He can be found fishing.

Anna works two days a week, schools three days a week, and can usually be found serving someone somewhere in her free time.  She just started leading a young ladies Bible study with the book "Lies Young Women Believe." 


Rose is taking an online photography course, and practicing on everybody she can get to sit still long enough for a few calculated poses.  This is a friend of hers that offered to be the model for the day.  Nearly all the pictures on my blog are Rose's.


Here is my niece, Grace, who is staying with us, with her first bread. 
She is becoming a great favorite with the little children.

 Joe is gaining ground in manliness rapidly.
  He is a big help with the chores and small children, 
and spends most of his extra time with people.


Jim and Ben spent the better part of three whole days shooting grasshoppers with the BB gun. 
I found this particularly amusing.


Bethany loves her school work, she's 4, so it mostly consists of coloring in her princess book.
She also spends alot of time riding the trike and loving the kittens, poor things.

Gabe spends his time getting into everything, including boxes sitting on the table.
But then, isn't that the typical job of a toddler??

Most days I am full of smiles and laughter at the antics of the children.
  Usually they keep my hands full, so that is what I am doing. 
Even though there are days when all does not go romantically smooth,
I still end up blessed by my dear sweet children and their wonderful daddy,
all a gift from a loving heavenly Father. 
My prayer for you is that you would enjoy your children today,
young or old, near or far, no matter what you are doing. 
It could be relishing a memory, 
sending a message or phoning, or watching with delight. 
Children are a gift, a reward from God, enjoy! 


  1. Your message today was JUST what I woke up with on my heart this morning! The Lord was reminding me to enjoy my children more than focusing too much on the areas in which they need growth and training. Then those last words of your blog were used to tell me this again! Got it!

    Just delighting...

  2. Oh my, the update on Jim and Ben gave me a good laugh :)


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