Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent Candle of Hope

 The candle for  this, the second week of Advent, is the Bethlehem candle of Hope.  

Many people were a part of this story.  Which one do you most relate to?

  • Mary – honored at the privilege of serving God, giving of oneself over to the will of God… what ever it may be. 
  • Joseph – not really understanding… but trusting and walking in faith.  Taking a path in life that people scoffed at… because God told him to.
  • Inn Keeper – absolutely clueless… the King of kings and the Lord of lords right under his nose… but he is too busy to see Him, to know the Scriptures.
  • Angels & Shepherds – True joy and worship over what was taking place… in joy and hope the shepherds ran to the Savior… they were in awe… that God had come to them… Immanuel… God is with us.
  • Simeon & Anna– aged, faithful, patiently waiting for the hope of their salvation… serving God faithfully as they waited, not resting, not disappearing into the background.
  • The Magi – intelligent, foreign, searching for truth, recognizing the Christ child for who He was… coming and responding.  Interestingly enough… their intelligence didn’t get in the way of their response to the KING.
  • Herod – arrogant, hateful, jealous, afraid… afraid that this New King would take away his throne.

In the crispy cold of winter's evening, we gather at the table for dinner and tea following.  Just as tea is served, a knock at the door.
Visitors come by to see the new baby Olivia.
Or course, they must sit down and enjoy the tea, goodies, and baby.

 Our tea this week consisted of peppermint tea and goodies,
ambrosia, rice crispy treats, 
and the joy of company.
They also shared in our story, desert, 
Advent book, many laughs, 
a sleepy, cuddly wee one,
and well sugared little ones chasing each other around the house before bed.

As we prepare for this holiday season, there is one thing needful.  
It's not a gift list, or yummy deserts, or family time,
or sweet moments that we will remember all our lives, 
but this question answered:
Is your heart ready to cradle the King?

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