Monday, December 6, 2010

Celebrating a Baby

We are a family celebrating a baby.
  Although it is cold and snowy outdoors,
with the icy wind singing in the pines,
inside the lodge you will find find us nestled together,
with the head over heels in love siblings,
begging for their turn to hold our pretty in pink bundle.

Her arrival brings about a sudden holiday occasion, 
as mama is supposed to be resting, 
recovering from surgery. 
This means no school,
no cleaning,
and plenty of time for snowball wars,
board games, Lego messes, tea parties,
and staring at that captivating little perfect face,
 with amazingly tiny fingers and toes, 
all wondrously fashioned, 
filling a soul with awe.

 This season, we remember another family who long ago celebrated,
with great joy, their wee babe. 
The world outside was cold to them,
yet, I imagine inside their hearts were not only falling in love
with their newborn son,
but overcome with awe that He would be their Savior.
He was truly perfect, 
how they must have marveled at this as He grew.
Jesus' entrance into the world created a most wonderful holiday.
The promise of hope fulfilled, 
the Gospel revealed in one small child.

O come let us adore him!
O come let us adore him!
O come let us adore him, 
Christ the Lord!


  1. Primer Family, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl, Olivia! I can just imagine the feelings and love at your house right now. So thankful that God protected you and Olivia before and during the delivery. God bless you all with a wonderful Christmas season.

  2. Oh she is absolutely beautiful!!! Enjoy every breath she takes as I know you will. May God bless and surround you all during this "double" celebration of births!

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your blessing with us, she is gorgeous. And your days of cuddling, snowball fights, and all else sound wonderful. Praying you heal quickly!

  4. Beautiful baby girl. Praying for your speedy recovery.
    Best wishes to you and your family!

  5. Congratulations on your new addition. Just found your blog and nosed around a bit. It looks absolutely fabulous! Can't wait to visit often! We have much in common - lots of children, a teenage daughter with a blog :-), live off grid, homeschooling, and homemaking!

  6. So happy to read about the birth of Olivia. She is beautiful. May God give you a steady recovery and return of strength. Thank-you for sharing your experience and your faith in God.

  7. Congratulations on your newest blessing. What a sweet little bundle.
    My friends and I have just found your blog and we love it!
    Your calm, peaceful demeanor are glorious to see in action throughout your blog.
    I was so drawn by it that I sat one day, a few days ago, and read almost the whole blog! Wow!

    Then I got up encouraged to serve the Lord with more, love my family with more, and allow God to chisel off more! Thank you for being a such a great example and sharing here.


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