Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Journal 1

 Today we are watching the snow falling silently and steadily,
covering the ground once again.

Reading “One Wintry Night” 
while nestled in the deep cushions of the couch.

Eating popcorn, apples and oranges, 
sipping Preacher’s Passion Tea.

Thankful for a warm and cozy home,
 My family,
And the many blessings God has bestowed upon us,
Especially His great love.

Thinking that because of His great love,
we, therefore ought to live more patiently,
less selfishly,
and more like we are deeply grateful, 
to the point of overflowing, spilling forth His love, joy, and forgiveness,
abiding in contented peace that only comes from 
dwelling in Him, 
and on Him.

This is the essence of Advent.
Dwell in him this season.


  1. Such beautiful pictures! I can not wait to see you! I am starting (just ordered it yesterday from VF)) a study on Joy. Your blog is such an inspiration to me!

  2. Julianne, congratulations on the wee one. She is beautiful!

    A quick question - in an earlier post you mentioned in December you were going to share your special holiday breads recipes. Did I miss them?

    Love your blog! When things get too hectic here, I grab a cup of tea or coffee and just soak up the beauty of your blog! Thank you!

  3. One Wintry Night! That was one of our Benjamin's favorites! It is the ONLY book I ever gave away that I asked to have back because Ben was so crestfallen. It is in our Christmas book basket under the tree now. :) Nice yellow chintz tea cups, btw!


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