Monday, December 27, 2010

For Rednecks Only

 Our son John is a woodsman. 
There is nothing he likes better than tromping around in the deep woods, 
whether looking for antler sheds in the spring,
scoping out the big game 
or foraging mushrooms in the summer,
hunting in the fall, or trapping in the winter. 
 He started bow hunting critters like ground squirrels and rabbits 
when he was 10, and trapping when he was 12. 

In our neck of the woods, there is plentiful game. 
Beavers are a nuisance, chopping down apple trees in folks' yards. 
Bobcats, like this nice one he got on the trap line today, are prolific, 
and the hide will fetch a very nice price at the fur traders.
Last week, John discovered Pine Marten tracks 
 near a creek behind the home of some of our friends. 
So, he made a set and sure enough,
caught this cute little weasel-like critter who very well may have been 
the varmint feasting on our friend's chickens last fall.

As our culture progesses rampantly toward the Romanesque,
I am glad there are still a few places tucked away here and there
where life can still exist in a pure, old fashioned,
home grown (albeit redneck) manner. 
This makes me ever so grateful that the Lord has seen fit to plant us
in just such a place,
where our boys can grow into men
much the same way their grandfathers and great grandfathers did.



  1. I think this is wonderful!! Hubby and I were both born and raised rednecks from Arkansas, and now we're raising our children just the same. There is something very sad about the generations of today that can't fend for themselves in any way, shape, or form. (unless it involves a cell phone or the grocery store lol)
    Our oldest son is only 8, but he's learning to build traps already with my husband. They go squirrel and deer hunting, they go fishing. It is WONDERFUl to see other young men who are learning how to take care of their families in this wonderful way!! You guys are great parents! ;D

  2. Hello from North Carolina ! I am from Montana but happily married God's best for my life 15 years ago and we moved back to his home state of NC 10 years ago to care for his parents. We both long to be back in the West but God sees fit to have us here. We "make-do" with the woods and wildlife as we have it here - though certainly NOT the same - although we are fairly suburban, we lease property behind our home and hunt as much as possible. We have fox/ coyote/ bobcat along with the deer. We have a 10 year old son who loves the outdoors and definately gives a thumbs up to your son John :) I "found" your site a few weeks ago and have thouroghly enjoyed reading your posts about large family management. Expecting our 6th child this coming summer !
    Thank you for your heart towards the home. May God richly bless you and your family ~

  3. Julianne, I think this is wonderful! What a wonderful place to grow up and become a man!! My boys would be out there too, trapping, hunting and just enjoying the forest. I am continually thankful that my boys have inherited their father's love of the mountains, wilderness and outdoor activities. I grew up in a household where that was not the case, having my boys enjoy the outdoors is wonderful to me!

    Loved the pictures of your son and his catch...I always get excited when my boys bring home something they've worked so hard to bring in. :) Congratulations to your young man!


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