Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kangaroo Care

Today, Olivia is three weeks old. 
She is struggling a bit with her weight and staying up to temperature. 
Our method of treatment for these difficulties is Kangaroo Care. 

Kangaroo Care is a method of skin to skin contact used to encourage parent/infant bonding,
especially for premature babies. 
It is the practice of holding an infant dressed only in a diaper
next to a mother’s bare skin. 

Humans were created for relationship.

Just the grasp of teensy fingers around a finger seems proof of that.
Therefore, idea of skin to skin makes a lot of sense.

The research to promote the concept of Kangaroo Care 
shows that babies have a biological need for skin to skin contact,
and most amazingly,
a mother’s body responds to that need. 
In his study, Dr. Bergman concluded that a baby’s stress hormones,
blood pressure,
oxygenation, temperature
and heart rate stabilize with skin to skin contact.
  The most startling fact he found is that a mother’s chest temperature 
changes to meet her baby’s needs,
rising if a baby is cold
and decreasing if the infant becomes too warm.
What an awesome Creator we have!

To do skin to skin therapy efficiently,
Brian bought me a MOBY wrap. 
It is essentially a long cloth with a bit of stretch 
that one can use to swaddle a baby onto your body, 
leaving hands free for activity. 
A MOBY wrap is a very comfortable way to carry a baby as well. 
It takes a while to get the hang of wearing your baby in the wrap,
and even longer to adapt to nursing in it, 
but I am sticking with it in hopes that it will help Olivia to flourish. 

  Wearing a cardigan over the wrap 
allowed me to be up and around the house modestly. 
Even though the wrap is very supportive,
I still want to hold a hand under the baby. 
Perhaps in time I will get accustomed to it
and feel secure enough to let both hands go.

On my first skin to skin day,
Our sweet little new baby climbed to a normal temperature in a little over an hour. 
She fed well, slept well, and seemed to love the whole idea.
Like she was made for it.

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  1. What a beautiful illustration of God's intricate detail in His creation!
    May Olivia continue to flourish in this.


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