Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day Journal 2

Today it was 17 degrees when we got up. 
The young boys are stacking wood on the porch that their big brother split. 
The baby is sleeping next to the fireplace. 
Daddy is working in the church office.  
Anna is preparing to start a new study with the young ladies in our church, "Before You Meet Prince Charming." 
I am eating chocolate.

I am thinking about the many friends we just sent Christmas cards to,
the family we will not get to see on Christmas this year, 
and Christmas's past.

God is teaching me about being gentle when the boys are going bonkers,
and how easy the house falls to shambles when mama is unorganized.

I am thankful for a sun-shiney day,
giving us plenty of power through our solar panels,
my husband who has been in charge of laundry these past three weeks
-bless his heart!
 A warm house on a chilly day,
the slobbery kisses of an (almost) two year old,
  neighbors who come and plow your driveway when 
your snowplow won't start,
my family,
and a savior for all mankind,
willing to come as a baby in a lowly stable.


  1. Oh yes how everything falls apart when Mama isn't organized!

  2. Merry Christmas!!! Your littlest one is SO are your hard working boys. :) Praying for much peace and rest for you this Christmas.

    Merry Christmas!!


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