Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feeling Blessed

We are blessed by my mom,
known to the grandchildren as “nanny“,
visit for a few days.
It is a delight for us all. 
Thoughtfully, she brought with her a box of goodies for the children,
not to be snatched, grabbed, and tossed, 
but to take out one item a day and enjoy.

Tonight, with all the big people gone to Bible Study except myself and nanny,
we brought out a story on CD, the color books,and made popcorn.  
With rocking chairs pulled up close to the fire,
keeping our wee bundle warm,
children sprawled all through the living room, 
we listened in cozy silence.

Toddlers always need an extra measure of attention 
and nurturing to keep them secure when
a new babe is brought into the family. 
Gabe is taking to Olivia well. 
He speaks of her as “my baby,” and loves to stroke her minky soft hair.
 He has been sick all the last week with canker sores in his mouth,
poor little guy. 
He is learning that he sometimes needs to share mama’s lap with Olivia,
 but if she is sleeping, mama will gladly put her down
and give preference to  him. Such a sweet little boy!
I never tire of watching him play.

Bethany has suddenly picked up her doll 
and been busy dressing and redressing it,
wrapping it in blankets, then undressing and dressing it again.  
She would love to hold Olivia more, but Joe usually beats her to it.

 Bethany and Ben have been playing "kittens", 
where they are the mama and daddy cats,
with multiple baby (stuffed animals) kittens to care for. 
This keeps them occupied for hours,
as they first must build a suitable nest, 
and then protect their kittens from predators-
such as Joe and Jim.

Rose, Joe and Jim are on a Bible Quiz team. 
This year they are memorizing the book of John. 
They have a quiz match this Sunday, so are studying hard. 

Anna spent the week with a toothache, a sinus infection, and a birthday.
 She still managed to do most of the cooking and cleaning,
bless her heart.

John and Brian have been working on the snowplow 
and insulating little gaps and cracks throughout the house,
when they are not at their jobs. 
It melts my heart to hear them visiting in the early morning
before anyone else is up and about,
or to see them working side by side in the afternoon. 
Always a willing servant,
John has recently been seen cooking, doing dishes,
and even changing a diaper. 
But then, his daddy is a good example of a servant leader,
and can be seen daily doing those things.  

Ah, I am so very thankful for my wonderful family.  
Each evening, I look around the table and feel so very blessed. 
We are not perfect, 
but we enjoy each other, laugh together, 
forgive one another, learn together, 
and live, what I think, 
is a beautiful life. 
My heart is full and overflowing.
  God is good,
his mercy is unfailing,
his blessings, too numerous to count.


  1. You are truly blessed! Congratulations on the new baby. I just found your blog a few days ago and I'm enjoying the time I get to spend reading your posts. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Isn't fun to watch those little fingers put Baby Jesus in the manger? I could watch little ones play with a nativity set all day!!

    Oh, and one more thing in common LOL Both of our oldest sons are firefighters!! Kindred Spirits? I should say so!!

    Take care and rest yourself now so you have lots of energy to keep being the wonderful mama that it looks like you are!!

  3. Such a sweet post. I especially love the last photo-precious!

  4. This is a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing! Also, I LOVE the long dining table! Is that 2 put together, or is it one?? I just told hubby a couple of days ago we need a really long table like that! lol! ;D Have a wonderful weekend!


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