Monday, May 30, 2011

The Big Weekend

Saturday dawned cloudy, but promising. 
We packed up the entire lot of us in our big red van, 
with a hot lunch in tow, 
and set off down the road, 
a good drive, with the beautiful spring green of verdant pastures and thick Idaho forests, 
and arrived at last upon the anticipated destination. 
We seem to be quite a spectacle, marching down the sidewalk toward the Farmer's Market.  
People stop talking and stare. 
Each big person has a little one as shopping buddy,
and we go..two by folks bob their heads mentally counting.  
I smile. 
It is always this way, and I find it amusing.

Our goal at the Farmer's Market was to purchase some plants for Anna's herb garden, 
with the benefit of enjoying  the live music, colorful culture, delicious smells of home cooked vendors, and the plethora of hand made articles. 
We were successful to find just the plants she was looking for,
especially delighted with the Rhubarb,
since we have a goal of perfecting a rhubarb pie by the end of the year.

Next came lunch, which would have been lovely in a park, 
but it was very cold, so we dined indoors-
of the van. 
I packed hot burrito filling in the cast iron dutch oven, 
(my favorite kitchen anything) which was also hot. 
Putting a towel over it, it stayed warm for lunch, 
wherein I added shredded cheese to a tortilla, then the meat mixture.  
It really wasn't too messy, despite some unruly children in the back seat. 
I thought it all worked out well, and was a tremendous amount less expensive than eating out, 
was not a hassle, and filled all tummy's happily.

Then we were on to thrift shopping, something the children love. 
We live so far out of the way, that yard- saling is not really much of an option, 
this was a good alternative. 
Everyone found something they couldn't live without,
and mood was festive throughout. 
After a few stores, I surmised the children, 
and perhaps a bigger person or two had about as much as was happily tolerated, 
so , despite the fact that the females could have gone on for several hours, 
we headed for home. 
It was such a fun day, I think we will make it an annual trip.

Sunday it poured and poured. 
The new umbrellas, from the previous day's finds, 
were whisked out and the children ran outside for the simple pleasure of standing in a great downpour. 
I love bad weather. 
I have probably said that before, but, it is worth saying so again. 
I find it very calming and settling. 
Just now it is sunny, but ten minutes ago it was coming down in great sheets with thunder and lightening.
  Anna is sitting before me at the table, candles lit of course, flute music playing, writing a letter.

The sun has just popped out, so we will dash out for a walk before dinner.
I think that this particular weather,
sunny after a shower of rain, makes especially clear that
"the whole earth is filled with God's glory."


  1. Thrifting and a farmers market - sounds like a great adventure day to me! It's one of our favorites as well.


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