Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life with Daddy

Yesterday morning I awoke, as is usual these days,
to a pudgy little hand on my face and squiggling, happy Olivia in the crook of my arm. 
I look down through blurry eyes, into her little round face, great with grin. 
She is a morning person.
I am....not.

We managed to find our way down the stairs in search of caffeine,
when I overheard my husband reading aloud.
  It is 6:30 am. 
Then I remembered, Monday, O yes, it is Joseph's morning with daddy. 
First they read and discuss a book,
then they make the whole family pancakes from scratch.  They are really super too.  
But what I heard him read from "Created For Work", by Bob Schultz sounded so good 
that I returned to it later and read the chapter for myself, 
once my eyes got opened and brain fully functioning, or about 9:30am. 

"God didn't have to put intricate designs on the wings of moths and butterflies. 
He could have made them all gray. 
He didn't have to paint a frog's eyes gold. 
He could have made them all black. 
God adds distinct and beautiful touches to each thing He makes. 
His energy and creativity are without measure. 
They overflow into everything he does. 
Drudgery and bare minimums have no part in His work. 
What ever He makes is not only useful, but also beautiful and fascinating.
  Some things he makes are very simple. 
Yet even their simplicity is a work of art. 
God puts His heart into His work.
  He doesn't finish things just to get them over with. 
He commands us to do the same,
"And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily" (Colossians 3:23) pp11

The chapter continues on to ponder making our work beautiful and meaningful, 
with discussion questions at the end.
  A good word.
I smile then, remembering how Joe likes to embellish,
and thinking what the product of such encouragement will be.
Today was not just any Monday though, but, being daddy's day off, 
each Monday of the month is assigned to individuals for a daddy date, 
and today is the little boy's day. 
As the rivers are feet above the flood level,
and the last time I drove past the lake the whole parking lot and outhouse was underwater, 
fishing is not going to be an option,
although that was what all were hoping for. 
My dear husband came up with the plan to take the boys out to shoot and learn about gun safety.

They took the .22 and went to a local range, (redneck style; i.e feild), 
where they were pleased to shoot up 150 rounds. 
The shocker was that Ben, shooting left handed-- for whatever reason, did extremely well.

They all tore up their little paper plates with bullet holes, 
which they waved wildly when they arrived home at last. 
But that wasn't all daddy had up his sleeve. 
They had stopped at the store and bought hot dogs, chips and s'more makin's 
with a mind for a campfire in the yard. 
Ben proclaimed it was the best day of his life. 

I am all smiles again, to have boys blessed with such a daddy,
one who lives what he preaches,
and walks what he talks.
  Life with our daddy is one of the main reasons we have it so good.
This beautiful, peaceful life.

"Didn't you plan to be an artist at one time, Professor?"
Carver smiled.  "I am an artist..I make beauty instead of recording it.  
There is beauty in a well tilled field,
in healthy and happy people,
beauty to living in harmony with others.
  With God helping me, I have tried to create beauty according to His directing."
-from Carver of Tuskegee


  1. I love that quote at the bottom! Thanks for sharing. :-)
    Have a blessed Wednesday.

  2. Well said and very sweet! When do you have a free Friday?

  3. I love guns! Teach children how to properly use firearms and they are no more "dangerous" than teaching children how to drive cars or how to use knives.

    One thing is sorely lacking in your pictures, though. Eye protection! I've seen far too many people lose eyeballs because of firearms malfunctions. Ear protection, even for the measley .22 rimfire, will help keep your boys from saying "Huh??!" a lot when they turn 50.

  4. You have such a grateful heart, I'm blessed by it. Country life with family is wonderful. We are grateful that my hubby is home at 5 each night, but plan to have some land in eastern wa someday where we can be home a lot more together.

    anyway thank you for sharing pictures and such wonderful thoughts here on your blog.


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