Friday, May 6, 2011

She's graduated, now what?

Our daughter, Anna, completed her high school education recently. 
So, the big question is, Now What?
Bible College?
We talked about it.
Our premise in home educating our children was that by the time they completed high school,
they would have the equivalent of a year of Bible School already under their belt.
  Having mostly accomplished that,
why pay thousands of dollars to continue at college when we can do that here at home?

  Anna would like to continue her education here at home,
as well as helping with the little one's schooling,
assisting her daddy in his ministry,
teaching a young ladies Bible study,
and preparing for the future.
We have been talking about what this would look like.
First, the quest to learn should never cease.
Endless possibilities for study abound all around us.
  Keeping up with current events, politics, the economy and what that means to the family
is one subject all the older children will engage in.
Reading some great works on Christian theology, as well as Christian biographies is in the plans;
books like "Bonhoffer", "The Imitation of Christ", and "John Knox".
She will be studying herbal remedies along with planting a medicinal garden. 
                                             Lessons in music will continue, both piano and voice.
I think she will stay productively busy just with those plans,
but, becoming accomplished at skill sets is also in the works.
Skills such as sewing a garment,
completing her second quilt,
pursuing Spanish,
making salves and tinctures,
taking a tactical handgun class with her 38 revolver,
and being a great contributor to the family gardening endeavor.
We do not plan on completely isolating her here at the lodge, however,
she has the opportunity to travel with an aunt to South Africa,
visit friends and relatives in other states,
and the undetermined senior trip.

Our goal in home based higher education
is to pursue many avenues of interest that will enable each student to be well rounded, 
with profitable skills, and most of all,
be well armed with a great knowledge of God's Word. 
It is an exciting time. 

Our older son, John has been learning all winter as well. 
His job is seasonal, which allows him to pursue interests and continue his learning.  
This concept of training a student to teach themselves is called "autodidacticism."
I love that they become responsible for their learning, given a bit of direction from parents.
With the vast wealth of information online, and books readily available shipped to your door,
   a wonderful opportunity for the dominion-minded homeschooling family awaits. 


  1. Your daughter is so beautiful! Congratulations to her (and you) at finishing her high school schooling! I LOVE your plan for her continuing education. Praying for her and you as you continue on this path. Thank you for sharing her's inspiring! :)

  2. If a college could offer all that Life is offering Anna at Providence Lodge, it would be subscribed to the max!
    That sounds wonderful!

  3. COngrats Anna! Wishing you all the best in the next stage of life. Love you!


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