Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Mom's Pie

My mom makes the best apple pie ever.
  Of course, it is a family favorite.
  Over the years, whenever there is an occasion to celebrate, or a family gathering,
you can be sure there will be apple pie. 
I think she took to apple pie because she has some wonderful old fashioned transparent apple trees.  However, when a birthday came around, her pie became such a favorite 
we would invariably ask for apple pie instead of cake. 
One is never enough, especially if you want to have that wonderful, most blessed  occasion 
of apple pie leftover for breakfast.

I suppose that one reason I love to make pie, not only apple, 
(but it does travel well, if you were, say, sending one in the mail to your dearest loved ones),
is because I have come to the conclusion that feeding people is my spiritual gift,
and that my love language must be food.  :-)  
In truth, I like to think that cooking and baking is a practical application of nurturing and life giving.

The joy of thinking of the folks whose tummy's and mouths will be delighted by my efforts 
keeps a smile on my face as I peel, roll out dough, and put it all together.
It is a labor of love.

I hope to transplant a start from one of Nanny's apple trees to here at Providence Lodge for posterity.
This is one family tradition I plan on carrying out, and passing on to my children. 
I can just imagine my great grandchildren making an apple pie for a celebration and telling the story of how Great Great Nanny made the best apple pie anywhere.


  1. So, I know it's a family recipe, but are you going to share? :) I sure hope so! Looks deelish!!

    Heather C

  2. Mmmmm. That looks good! Would you be willing to post the recipe?

  3. Love to all ya'all-
    Here's the pie recipe:(Betty Crocker) the crust to follow:
    6 cups tart apples, sliced
    3/4 c. sugar
    1/4 c flour
    1/2 tsp nutmeg
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    Mix all together and spoon into bottom crust. Add 2 tbsp butter on top of apples, then place crust over all.

    Bake at 425, with foil around the edges of the crust, for 30 minutes, then remove foil and bake another 10 -15 minutes.

    Crust: (makes 2 9-inch crusts)
    2 cups flour
    1 cup shortening
    1 tsp salt
    cold water

    1. combine flour and salt
    2. add shortening, blending with fork until crumbly
    3.Add water a Tbsp at a time working as little as possible until a ball forms
    4. roll each 1/2 of dough into a 10" circle
    5. fold dough into a 1/4 and place in pan. flute top edges with fingers, cut vent holes in top.

  4. They must be very blessed dear ones indeed to receive a pie from you in the mail! Some of them probably received one at their hotel and in their hotel room worshiped God for His kindness before eating pie and reading your blog and letter and encoded love notes from the tiniest Primers. :) Richest grace to you...

  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to put the recipe up! :)

  6. Dear Julianne,
    I just wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I think we are soulmates. We are building a Skip Log Home on Whidbey Island (looong 7 year process but almost done) which is how I stumbled on your blog. We homeschool our 8 children here and raise goats and other animals. Thank you for being a great inspiration to me.

  7. That looks so good. My husband loves apple pie. Mine don't usually look quite that pretty, but they usually taste good. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  8. I had NO idea there was a spiritual gift of loving to cook and feed your family. :) I can relate to that gift. :)

    Thanks for sharing your pie recipe...looks yummy! Makes me want to go make a pie. :) Just might do that.

  9. Yes! Thank you so much, Julianne for sharing your mom's apple pie recipe. I hope to create something wonderful for my family too! :)

    Heather C

  10. Julianne,

    Did you really mail the pie? How do you mail a pie? What kind of box? UPS or USPS? I have a dear friend who is the sole caregiver for her blind 92 year old mother who suffers from alzheimers. I think it would make her feel cared for more than just about anything to get a homemade pie in the mail.
    No wonder Amber makes such wonderful pies...Thank you again.


  11. My Dear Julie,
    Yes, we mailed two pies. They6 reportedly arrived safely in three days. I chose apple because it is not so squishy as to run out the crust if turned upside down, and would still taste good in three days. I used a disposable pan, covered it tightly with foil once the pie was cooled, then wrapped the whole thing in foil tightly, added packaging to keep he pie from shifting in the box, then labeled it fragile, this side up, then prayed a lot that it would survive the journey. The flat rate boxes from the postal service are the cheapest, that sends it priority.
    love you!


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