Friday, May 13, 2011

A Walk on Camano Island

We are very fond of walking.

If anything could lure us out doors, it is the cease of rain
followed by the glint of sunshine through the clouds.
Such weather is perfect for a romantic stroll.

  Speedily, as the rain tapers off,
we set forth into the damp path which has that refreshing, pure smell of earth. 
On Camano Island, the air was heavy with the scent of flowers. 
Slugs abounded, much to the delight of small boys,
and puddles lured even a young lady.

 Every detail must be noticed. 
The delicate drops of fallen rain teetering on a leaf.
Sunlight reflecting off  gathered drops, shimmering in iridescence.
Birds hopping among the grass, happily devouring the surfaced smorgasbord of worms.
All a product of God's creation, which never ceases to amaze.
All a gift of beauty waiting to be noticed, 

Thus, our simple meandering down a country lane
becomes a journey to worship the King of Kings,
the Maker of it all, 
as we give thanks for each spectacular moment, 
We revel in His goodness, His beauty, His power, His purpose, His plan.

Setting forth into this sanctuary of the work of His hands always fills my heart with His peace.
His love for us..shown so lavishly by his creation, is so very near and clear,
intended for our delight, 
for His glory.


  1. Wondering when your blog header will represent your whole family:0)

  2. LOL, Well, we are a bit overdue for a new family picture aren't we?
    We will have to get on that now!

  3. Julianne...where is Camano Island? It sounds enchanting!

    Mrs. M.

  4. Washington State's Puget Sound. There are many islands, some inhabited, some not. We had a lovely time there.


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