Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Every Hour

For years, I had my daily devotional most every morning. 
I would check it off my list of things to do that day, and get on with the day. 
Notoriously, not too far into the day, 
irritability, frustration and discouragement would engulf me. 
I had a hard time with the thought of living a victorious life. 
What was that about anyway?

Then one day I hit the bottom.
I can't seem to get my act together and live the way I am supposed to!  
I try and I try, so very hard, and I fail and flail and end up making such a mess.
After a fitful night's sleep, when I awoke, before my eyelids even opened, my heart cried to God.
  "Oh God help me!!
I CANNOT do this (my life) without You!! 
I don't even know if I can do this with you right now. 
I just know that I do not have what it takes to raise these children in a God- honoring way. 
  I need You, every hour...maybe every minute." 

And that became my daily prayer for years.
  Still is my daily prayer. 

I do not have what it takes. 
In my flesh, I am selfish. 
I get cranky when things don't happen the way I think they ought. 
That is not any way to raise a family...with a cranky mama! 
Poor children.
But, the Lord is gracious and compassionate,
and he wants, more than anything
to walk through the day with me, enabling me and strengthening me for the task. 
So I need Him, every hour. 
Not just for some religious devotional of 15 minutes, 
but as my loving Father..always by my side guiding me as I go. 

Now, I realize that God did not change. 
My perspective did. 
My prayers did too. 
Instead of sounding far away and like some not so reachable being, 
He, my Heavenly Father, is right here, 
and I talk with Him all day, just as I talk to anyone. 
It became personal. 
Very, very real.

Folks see me with my passel of children and often ask, "How do you do it?" 
My answer is simple,
I need God every hour. 

He has sanctified me through my children. 
I came to the end of myself
and found I could not go on with out an ample and unceasing supply of Him. 
I came to the end of myself. 
Once I got me out of the way,
there was oh so much room for Him.  
We have been having a lovely time ever since. 

A victorious life is really attainable.
  It does not mean life is perfect, 
but it is possible to live a rewarding, joy-filled, and peaceful life.

""  I need Thee every hour Oh gracious Lord,
No tender voice like Thine can peace afford.
I need Thee, O I need Thee; every hour I need Thee!
O bless me now, my Savior, I come to Thee.
I need Thee every hour, stay thou near by, 
temptations lose their power when thou art nigh.
I need Thee, O I need Thee; every hour I need Thee!
O bless me now my Savior, I come to Thee.
I need Thee every hour in joy or pain;
come quickly and abide or life is vain.
I need Thee O I need Thee; every hour I need Thee!
O bless me now my Savior I come to Thee.
I need Thee every hour, teach me Thy will
and Thy rich promises in me fulfill. 
I need Thee O I need thee; every hour I need thee! 
O bless me now my Savior I come to Thee."
-Annie S. Hawks, Robert Lowry


  1. God is amazing. Often when I'm thinking, praying, pleading, along comes --that very day, or soon-- a verse from John, thoughts from you, and a poem or song that I need. Yesterday, was that very song. Today you sent it and some encouraging words. Isn't it sweet that God talks to me through you and your children. Brian, too.

  2. This is my most constant prayer as well. Perhaps its the signature dispostion of the Godward heart? There is no hope for me without moment by moment dependence! Thank you for sharing wisdom here, beautifully as always!

  3. Julianne,
    Thank you so much for these words today. This morning I started my day with a devotion for myself and with the little kids. As the morning went on I found myself getting frustrated that my children would not listen and obey. I called out to God for help so I could teach them as He would. You are so right that we need Him every minute of the day to live through us. Thank you for your wise words.

  4. He said it...You can do nothing without me in your life! Come to me, I will carry your burden.

    Why is it so hard for us to understand such a simple truth?

    I am encouraged by your words.

    In my life, prayer is like breathing - it is in every moment.

    Embrace His blessings,

    Mrs. M.

  5. I cannot even begin to express how much your words reach into my soul to convict and guide me. I so appreciate your heart for God and your family. Your willingness to show the more "unpleasant" side of life at times and human frailty is brave and refreshing. Thank you for being a godly mentor through the screen.


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