Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vacation Highlights

The children were so grateful for one sunny day in which we could enjoy the beach!
They found crabs, large and tiny. 
They located clams by their spit through the rocky beach. 
Bethany loved the sand. 
Gabe would have stayed all day throwing rocks in the "pond..." I believe he found his life- calling. 
Brian relaxed just watching it all, the roll of the waves,
the children delightedly playing, the calls of the gulls, the occasional boat. 
All the sounds and smells, so unlike what we are usually acquainted with, 
it was perfectly romantic.
  Rose discovered it to be the perfect photo opportunity.
  Anna thought she would rather be int he mountains, but enjoyed the children's comical antics anyway.
  I found the entire day to be almost surreal, like watching a scene from a movie unfold before me.
I adore watching the children having a good time of it, and they LOVED the beach!
Ahhh a most glorious day.

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