Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Best Place on Earth

I was reading in the book, “Celebrations of Faith,”  by Randy and Lisa Wilson, and came upon this quote, which inspired me and led me to these thoughts:
 “There is only one institution in the whole of society that undergirds,
nourishes, promotes, and secures those very relationships we value most. 
That institution is the home…

.As the home goes, so goes the woman.” -Mary Farrar

What do people feel when they enter your home?
Does it matter? 
It matters most ardently. 
God created the home to be the foundation of society.  
Our homes should be the light on a hill, glowing with the radiance of Christ’s love.

These women in the Bible were noted for the atmosphere in their home:
 Rahab, the harlot had a home of obedience and faith.(Josh 2:1, 6:17, 22)
The widow with a jar of oil had an ordinary home where small things turned extraordinary.(2 Kings 4:8-10)
The Shunamite was noted for having a home that was a place of rest.  (2 Kings 4:8-10)
Hannah’s home was a place of worship and trust. (1 Sam 1)
Mary ‘s home was clothed in submission and reverence. (Luke 1:26-30)
Elizabeth’s home was characterized by faith, rest, and waiting on God. (Luke 1:39-41)
Mary and Martha were known for having a welcoming home, full of worship and fragrance.  (Luke 10:38-42)
Lydia’s open and responsive heart was reflected in her home. (Acts 16:14-15)

Here is our example.
The principle of being teachable and learning from what he hear means that now,
having heard the truth, I must evaluate:  What do others see when they enter our home?
What do my children see in our home?
How can we make our home a place where God and others want to dwell?
How can we begin to celebrate God and be a light for him on our home?

What we do at home sets the tone for future generations. 
When we behold, or gaze upon, our children, teaching them and mentoring them the way the Lord parents us, we are cultivating the eternal. 
You are the life giver to your children and in your home. 
Does your home invite an atmosphere to create and celebrate eternal moments with your children?  

“Anything less than a conscious commitment to the important
is an unconscious commitment to the unimportant.”
- Stephen Covey

Being a driven woman, I must constantly say no to all the projects and things that I want to do,
and will myself to do the important, eternal things,
like sitting with my children on the porch while they play,
so that I am available to chat with them and observe how they are interacting with one another. 
Saying no to what I would like to be doing,
I focus my attention on being with the children,
and they respond by perching on my lap, or coming over to tell me a story, 
or ask me some of the why’s that are buzzing around in their head. 
It is a time when I can encourage and praise, compliment or rebuke.  
The Biblical example of the women known for the pleasantness and priority of their home
inspires me to make the most of every opportunity and be fully present with my family,
instead of doing all the nifty things on my project list. 
Then, when they are off to the ponds with a big sibling, or in the woods playing,
I can get to my list, but my priority must be nourishing the children, physically, emotionally
and most of all, spiritually. 

This I write as a reminder and an accountability to myself to commit to what is of lasting value. 
The quilt I would like to finish and the fleece socks I want to sew will rot away,
but my children’s souls will remain forever. 
My responsibility carries much gravity,
but with it comes great joy, from knowing that my children walk in Truth, 
loving and serving our heavenly Father.
  When I am faithful to live this way, our home will surely be a light,
the aroma one senses when entering will be of peace, love, laughter, safety.
  A haven, a refuge, and the best place on earth.


  1. your posts always make me cry this is one of them.

  2. aw, grace, you have such a sweet, tender heart. May God bless your home!

  3. Your post really touched my heart. Sometimes I am guilty of stealing moments away from my children when they are playing so that I can continue with "my work".
    Their souls are eternal and much more important than any project.
    Thank you for the reminder.


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