Monday, August 2, 2010

A Redneck Date

Suddenly, prince charming appeared,
ready to whisk me off on a romantic date.  
Just the 2 1/2 of us, setting out on a romantic evening filled with beauty, splendor,
and the rare opportunity of complete privacy. 

 My love carried me off in a stylish emerald chariot. 
A most romantic approach to travel, as one has to hug the other to keep aboard.

Winding our way through the tree veiled back woods path up the mountain, 
wind in our faces, 
snowshoe hares scampering off the road in front of us,
I murmur to him that this is the perfect escape.

We seek out the possibilities for picking huckle berries with the family in a few days. 
My handsome date steered us to an incredible location, 
bushes loaded with the much sought after berries.


At the top of the mountain, we can see into Montana. 
Ridge upon ridge of nothing but forest, looking comely in the evening sun. 
Syringa blooming in perfumed perfection.


Beauty beyond words.

Sumptuous tranquility. 

The vista as we journey home.  

Often times, the best things in life are the simple, natural, gentle moments in time 
when we can breathe deeply, not only of pine scented fresh air,
but of our love and affection for one another,
of the awesome majesty of the Creator,
and the abundance He intended we enjoy.

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