Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Log Home

Here is a recap, for some special people, of the log home our family has been building by hand for 6 years.

6 years ago, a man in our church gave us 10 timbered aces.  From this land, Brian and our oldest son (then 12 yrs old) cut down 120 lodge pole pine trees, which we decked near the house site.  Friends and family helped us peel these 38 foot logs by hand with spuds and draw knives.  All the heavy equipment we needed was generously loaned to us to clear the site, build the driveway, and construct the house.  All our children helped build.  Our older childen can use most any power tool, down to Joe, who is 11.  We had the two year old peeling logs with us, he liked it.  We did not finance with a bank, so it has been a build as you can project, which still is not done, but we moved in anyway in February. 
The porch is the favorite place for the children to play, Brian and I like to sit out there in the early morning sunshine to have our time alone with God.
As you enter the lodge, the entry way has a door to an unfinished bathroom and on the other side, a coat closet.  From here you can see straight into the living room, or to the left, the kitchen.

The 12' x 18' dining room connects to the end of the kitchen completing the first floor. 

At the top of the stairs on the second floor, to the right is the family room...

To the left of the top of the stairs is John's room, also the guest room.

Down the hall, you pass the laundry room and bathroom, then come to a cozy spot to read before entering the master bedroom, which is at the bottom of the stairs to go to the third floor.

On the third floor, to the right is the girls room, divided by the log support columns into three 12' x 12' sections.  To the Left is the craft room and the little boys room.

To the Left is the craft room and the little boys room.

The whole interior of the house was furnished by salvage:  Some windows and doors, all the bathroom fixtures, the kitchen cabinets and appliances, and almost all the lights in the house. Also, all but 6 pieces of furniture in the whole house was given to us, including lamps and large pictures and other decorative items, which, combined with all the amazing salvage finds, the property and all the volunteer help we have had is how we came to name our home "Providence Lodge."
I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour, and I invite you to delve into the archives and read the whole, amazing story.  It has been a miraculous, arduous, adventure.

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  1. Looking wonderful! :) SO happy you guys are in it! God is good!


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