Friday, August 27, 2010

Illuminate Sessions

My niece participates in Virtual K-12 schooling. 
I was talking with my brother about this the other day,
and he mentioned the “illuminate sessions” as being particularly important.
  An illuminate session is where the student both sees and hears the teacher via an internet connection.
  I nodded my head and we visited for awhile. 

My mind has been sitting on this for a few days now,
slowly forming connections to spiritual realms.

When we meet with God to pray and read His Word,
we have the opportunity to participate in an illuminate session with Him. 
I have noticed in my life, that this doesn’t just happen. 
Several things have to be in order before I genuinely enter His presence and commune.
  First, I need to be of a humble heart so that I am teachable, ready to take in the lesson for the day.  Secondly, I must be looking in the direction of the teacher, so that I may “see” Him. 
My thought here is that often times, I am so consumed by myself
that I don’t see the Who of God, trying to jump to the “what about me” application.
  Funny how it never seems to work out real well.
  But, if I am looking intently at the Scriptures for what it reveals about who God is,
and I spend time reflecting on what it shows me,
then I am perfectly poised to hear what He is saying to me.

As I go to my Bible each morning,
am I looking at it as a text book where I may find the answer to my problem? 
Or, am I anticipating a living conversation where I learn more about who my Savior is,
and listen for what He is saying to my spirit today?

I love to get big fat letters in  the mail from my dear friend in Colorado. 
I look expectantly in the mail, and when one comes, I find a quiet moment to sit and read it.
  I savor each word. 
I reread it.
  Do I have this same response to God’s letters of love to me? 
Regrettably, I must admit, not always.
  But, now I can see that the opportunity to participate in an “illuminate session” is always before me,
and so I am able to change my mindset,
and anticipate my time alone with God in a more personal, vibrant way,
like the way I anticipate a letter from my friend.

Snatching up my Bible with joy and heading to the porch,
I am giddy to find a quiet moment wherein I relish every word,
rereading it until I am saturated by God’s Wonderful Words of Life.

My spirit is alive and aware to my Lord,
and his teaching is heard above all the noise and commotion of the day.


  1. I am working on a big fat letter from Colorado! :)

  2. Dear Julianne,
    Thank you for the inspiration :) You have valuable insights.


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