Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School

There are days that glow in the memory,
such as the first day in the school year,  
when the excitement and anticipation of newness create treasured pictures 
that nestle in amongst the best of times in a child’s memory.  

I am so extremely thankful for this good day, 
knowing that it is all from the gracious and merciful hand of a loving heavenly Father.
He is blessing our efforts to put Him and His word first,
as we begin each day gathered around the big table a study of Proverbs. 
In our Charlotte Mason approach,
we utilize Kevin Swansons’ book to do our copy work, vocabulary, handwriting,
as well as learn the foundational truths concerning wisdom and understanding.
My dear husband commented, as he came in to find some lunch,
that the white board might be helpful, which in deed it was.
  I treasure this Proverbs study,
because it declares the Truth against the worlds hollow and empty promises
in a way that reaches each one of us in practical life situations. 

Our second hour was spent largely outdoors
as we tramped through the woods to collect insect samples for our Nature Journal.
Then we came inside to extend our knowledge of the world of insects, 
each student diligently drawing their specimen, and listing the new found facts.

After a quick bite of leftovers for lunch,
we were on our way into various lands and eras in historical literature,
whilst the little ones and I developed our phonics skills,
and, mercifully, the toddler had a nap. 

Lastly, the older children sat down to study figures and math facts. 
Mama corrected the days work,
then tidied the kitchen and prepared some supper as all finished up the first days lessons. 
Then, this homeschoolin’ mama  heaved a contented sigh
as the books and papers are put away for another day. 

  This is the perfect time to enjoy the pleasure of afternoon tea. 
Autumn wind singing through the pines,
children scampering outdoors in the fresh air,
a wonderful quiet tranquility floods the room,
and in that moment I discover the power of stillness. 

I feel the strength of His presence. 
Never could I muster up the patience and graciousness to homeschool without Him.
Once again, I am in awe. 
For this good day, 
the beauty of stillness enjoyed after our days work,
the grandeur of the woods outside my window,
the smell of dinner cooking,
the blessings of family and home,
I praise his Holy Name.

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  1. I have soooo enjoyed reading your blog! Thank you for opening up a window into your family for other young mothers who are trying to create a home of peace and happiness while homeschooling for Jesus!
    Have a blessed day....


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