Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Power of One Woman

President Theodore Roosevelt summed up the effect of  family upon a nation
in his 1907 address to Congress when he said,
"When home ties are loosened, when men and women cease to regard a worthy family life, 
with all its duties fully performed and all its responsibilities lived up to, 
as the best life worth living, 
then evil days for the nation are at hand."

Each woman is divinely unique, designed by God to Mother with a nurturing heart, to love children. 
History tells of the power such nurturing produces. 
The life of Susanna Wesley is such a moving story to me. 
She surely was one of the faithful who has gone before us leading the way,
as Hebrews tells of. 
In the 1700's, her day was evil.
  Threatened by the English community because of their faith, 
some mean spirited folk attempted to burn down the Wesley's home.  
Susanna's husband was away much of the time,
yet this courageous mother of 11 children diligently trained her brood day after day in the Scriptures. 
Just an ordinary woman in an ordinary house, 
determined to walk with God, day by day.
She had no support sysytem, no phone, or email, 
or like minded mothers in whom she could confide. 
Sadly, the many women who surrounded her were not devoted to their children as she was.
  Yet, because of her faithful constance, two of her sons, Charles and Johnathan-
transformed the history of Europe and America through being a vital part of the Great Awakening.

Historians agree that without this great spiritual revival,
no political revolution would have freed our nation. 
The sweeping change in the moral fabric of America started with faithful mothers, like Susanna, 
who in their quiet homes loved God and their children. 
The power of one woman is this:  
World History changed forever when a mother set aside deliberate moments each day to train her children.  She obeyed the voice of God, not the voice of her culture. 

Slowing down and determining to be fully present in the daily lives of our precious children, 
savoring the special moments, takes focused effort.  
Thank God Susanna was a woman willing to make that choice. 
Now, today, the same choice lays at my feet. 
How will I spend my time today? 
Will it matter for eternity? 
Or, will I waste it all in busyness, irritability, selfish pursuits,
or absent minded parenting? 
Day by day, a mother is battling it out for the Kingdom of God.  
Waking up in the morning and declaring, "I choose to walk with God today, 
and I choose to spend my life today raising these children to love and adore Him," is the battle cry. 
Nehemiah called the families to stand at the city wall.  He says,
"Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers,
your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes."  Nehemiah 4:14 

Some days we may feel like failures as mothers,
but God is there, standing with us every day, 
just as He was with Susanna Wesley as she lived out her tenacious life 300 years ago.
A life that still moves mother's hearts today. 
A Great Awakening lies in the heart of every mother who will say yes to God today,
I will walk with God, I will train my children. 
Only He knows how future generations may be blessed by one mother's determined step.

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  1. Just the word of encouragement I needed today.
    Thank you so much.
    Love and Blessings,

  2. Please, can you tell me a good book about this woman.


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