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Beautiful Rituals

When God made the earth, I am sure he could have done it all in one day.  I think it is odd that He didn’t, but then an “ah-ha” hit me, as I went walking with Gabe in the fall sun.

  It is has been cloudy and gloomy all week, so when the sunshine split through the clouds this afternoon, we all went on a walk, sickies too.  I thought the fresh air would be good for them.  Gabe and I had a wonderful time.  He had to stomp in every mud puddle he came across.

We do have a tendency to get very excited about sunshine, since it is our power source.   So we were fully enjoying it, and the thought occurred to me that God didn’t have to get everything done right now,  in one day, rush it all through so he could get on to the next project.   Instead, he took His time, and enjoyed every minute of it, for at the end of the day, He proclaimed his work “very good.” This tells me he was pleased with the day.  He spoke and carefully, creatively fashioned everything into being, in an orderly way.
So s…

Sick Tikes

Welcome to our practical Saturday post for large family living.   This is when and where we share some practical things  that have helped us along the way of raising our large family.   These are things I wish I would have known when we were struggling to adjust to a larger family,  or at about child #5.  Little Gabe and Bethany are sick this weekend with fever and cold symptoms,  leaving mama without much free time.   The rest of the family is off to a wrestling tournament,  so my dear mom has come to keep me company and help with the sick tikes.   Between holding the hot little ones, wiping noses, reading stories  and trying to keep them from serious grumpiness, we are pretty busy.   So, here is an old post on nurturing your little lambs.  I will likely be in the rocking chair with a sick tot, thinking of you.

From "Tending Sick Lambs", April 2010:

Illness brings out the nester in me.   I do not score highly in compassion or mercy when taking a spiritual gifts test,  but …

Journey of a Gracious Woman

I used to love being pregnant.   And then, I got bogged down with the many negative comments from folks, that included words like “huge, twins, how long, oh my, and poor thing.“ Getting my eyes off of the Truth, I stumbled and fell in the ditch,  where I have been slogging along in misery for several weeks.
For years I have prayed that God would make me a gracious woman.
Many of the characteristics of a gracious woman are those that do not come easily to me.  But, if I live long enough, I hope to one day be described as gracious. 

A gracious woman shows Kindness, Courtesy, Tact, and Propriety.
Her ways are marked by Charm, Beauty, Gracefulness, Elegance, and Good Taste.
She exudes Mercy and Compassion.
I have met such women, they really do exist.  In their existence, they do more than live, they thrive in beauty, their lives inspire onlookers, such as me.
Recently I was reading one of my old journals, which reminded me of this life goal.
Perspective is a wondrous thing.  My current …

Things I Love

One of the things I love is homeschooling, particularly the mentoring and discipling that goes on through the process.  When I see one of the older children voluntarily help out  or involve one of the younger children in what they are working on, my heart sings.   These are precious moments to a mama.

 Another thing that I love, is to partake in a cozy Sunday nap. Part of me is jealous for the little ones,  who are priviliedged to partake in a snugly nap every day.   Watching them sleeping always brings a smile.

I love, love, love, the out of doors.  Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, each with it's own sounds, smells and beauty.  I am so very thankful to live in the Northwest,  where each season is pronounced and gorgeous.

I love the simple things in life: The silly things small children say, singing at the dinner table, eating good homemade food,  watching the children play, visiting with friends,  snuggling under covers when it is cold out, harmonizing in the car, playing with k…

Removing Grumpiness With Gratitude

Jesus said that he came to give life,  and that more abundantly.  I try to live in that abundance, focused on the beauty of the day, the eternal matters, and enjoying the blessings God has graciously bestowed upon us.
  There are days when that does not happen, though.  Days when the children stand back, wide eyed, wondering what is going on with mama.  As I grow older, I pray those days become fewer and farther between.  At the end of such a day, it is difficult for me to go to bed without having another stab at altering my frame of mind.  Romans says to renew your mind by reviewing what is good. Philippians advises giving thanks to gain peace and contentment.  So, at the end of a roller coaster day,  I am going to do just that.

I am thankful that our oldest son, John, shot a nice big fat black bear, that will provide our family with hundreds of pounds of meat, gallons of lard, and a beautiful hide to grace the walls with.

I am thankful that this is Farmboy and not me.
I am thankful…

Advent Peparations

I am preparing for Advent.   The Advent season is longed for all year by our family, who prefers this contemplative, peaceful tradition to the more popular Christmas celebrations.  If you are new to Advent traditions, you can find out about Advent here.  What Is Advent
One of the festivities we relish the most during Advent is the weekly lighting of a new candle,
celebrated by partaking in the season’s best flavors and aromas  around the table with tea each Sunday evening.
Now, I am trying new recipes in anticipation.  This year will be quite interesting, as we are anticipating
the birth of our wee one  in the midst of Advent.  So I am preparing now.  Making menus for tea, ordering teas, packaging scone mixes,  purchasing candles, selecting a book to read aloud, so that it can all come together with little fuss.
The first Sunday of Advent this year is November 28, little more than a month away.   When it comes early, like this year, I have, in the past, found myself unprepared.  So th…

Home Schooling Delimas

Welcome to our practical Saturday post for large family living!  This is when and where we share some practical things  that have helped us along the way of raising our large family.   These are things I wish I would have known when we were struggling to adjust to a larger family,  or at about child #5.  Today I want to answer some questions from families new to homeschooling,  not that we have all the answers,  but we have been schooling for 13 years,  and therefore have had to work though some of the regular challenges that come up.

Q:  What do you do when you get up late? 
A:  This happens frequently at this time in my life. (smile)  I am not a morning person, and when I do not feel good, I am extra slow.   From the time the children were all small, they would get up and play or read, even if mama was not up.  Often this happens on my bed or in my room, especially with the small ones.   The way I deal with slow mornings, morning sickness, interruptions, or whatever the circumstanc…

A Candle Lit Evening

Few things in this life are as relaxing and romantic to me than the soft glow of a candlelit home. 
I recall visiting the home of a dear fiend, who is also off grid, and upon entering her house one evening, was awestruck by the warmth, cozy appeal and romantic atmosphere of her home in candlelight. Instantly, I was addicted.

After dinner is cleaned up, I like nothing better than to light the candles, turn off the lights and settle down with a big sigh.
The day’s work is done,  and soon we will tuck all the children, whom after the day’s various activities, are now safely gathered in.

The dim lighting soothes and settles down the children, usually, unless they get a mind to use the shadows as opportunities to jump out and scare each other.
(smile)   But I soon put a hush to that, drawing out our current read aloud and announcing it is time, they squirm together on the couch in silent anticipation, eyes big.

The world seems a gentler, sweeter place in candlelight.
After the young ones…

I Remember When

Here, some favorite pictures from yester-year:

Ahh, those were the good ol' days.