Monday, October 25, 2010

Removing Grumpiness With Gratitude

Jesus said that he came to give life, 
and that more abundantly. 
I try to live in that abundance, focused on the beauty of the day,
the eternal matters, and enjoying the blessings God has graciously bestowed upon us.

  There are days when that does not happen, though. 
Days when the children stand back, wide eyed, wondering what is going on with mama. 
As I grow older, I pray those days become fewer and farther between. 
At the end of such a day, it is difficult for me to go to bed
without having another stab at altering my frame of mind. 
Romans says to renew your mind by reviewing what is good.
Philippians advises giving thanks to gain peace and contentment. 
So, at the end of a roller coaster day, 
I am going to do just that.

I am thankful that our oldest son, John, shot a nice big fat black bear,
that will provide our family with hundreds of pounds of meat,
gallons of lard, and a beautiful hide to grace the walls with.

I am thankful that this is Farmboy and not me.

I am thankful for the first snow to have been today.
  I needed a reason to celebrate, 
and we have a tradition of making festive the first snow 
by baking and decorating sugar cookies,
and cutting out paper snowflakes.

I am thankful for a lovely, romantic home,
snugly set in the woods 
where we can be cozy warm inside 
while gazing at the breathtaking beauty of snow falling and wind swirling outside.  

I am thankful for my loving family, who puts up with me,
patiently, I might add,
on those days when all is not quite well with me.

I am thankful for a most compassionate and kind heavenly Father,
who loves me, loves me, loves me because I am his,
and does not condemn me when I don't measure up,
but patiently and tenderly leads me to green pastures and still waters,
restoring my hormonal, overly emotional, pregnant soul.

I am thankful for God's provision, from a multitude of sources,
of wonderful garden produce all summer and fall long,
even though we were not able to garden this year.
  Oh how He knows how to give good gifts! 
There is just nothing like a home grown carrot, or tomato, or strawberry for that matter.

There are so many wonderful blessings in each day.
  I have been uplifted to recount some of them here.
Sharing them with you has brought a smile to my face,
and a contented sigh to end my day rightly.

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."  Phil. 4:8


  1. What a beautiful 1st snow tradition. Since we live in Miss. our tradition is...IF it snows we take the day off from all school and play outside. We got snow twice last winter and my children were thrilled!

  2. Hi Julianne,
    I don't want to come across as a stalker that is always posting on your blog....:-) but I want you to know that God is using you as an "older" woman in my life for this season. (I mean that in only the nicest way!:-)

    I so appreciate your words. They are helping me become a better wife and mother. With my husband and I in ministry, I feel as though I am often always giving out. Which I love...but it has been such a BLESSING to read your posts as daily reminders to "tend my own garden" the very best I can.

    I have lived a "busy" life to this point. You are helping me find quiet and balance in the midst of a crazy schedule. You have helped me realize that it's okay to take some time to make homebread bread and not just buy it because it's quicker, light candles just because, read one more chapter to my kids, slow down this Christmas and focus on the important things....thank you. I'm grateful. Through the screen you are putting Titus 2:3-4 into practice.

    Again, don't want to sound like a crazy woman, but tears are stinging my eyes as I think of all that God still wants to teach me as a wife and mother. :-)

    "But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and forever. Amen."
    II Peter 3:18

    Thank you and have a blessed day as you anticipate your new little one...

  3. Finding Balance Mommy,
    your words are encouragement to my soul. I need to write, for my well being, but I also need to share, and it has been my prayer that I would have a Titus 2 ministry, from my home and my heart to other moms out there. The quieting God has accomplished in my heart has changed our family so much, that I greatly desire other driven women, and ministering families can know that there is balance, there is life abundant, not just life burn out. Blessings to you dear,

  4. Oh I so agree with finding balance mommy, you too are a blessing and encouragement to me as well.


  5. WOW. Bear for dinner??? What does bear meat taste like?

  6. Bear is similar to pork, it depends on what the bear has been eating, but the last bear roast we had was very tasty and tender.


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