Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things I Love

One of the things I love
is homeschooling,
particularly the mentoring and discipling that goes on through the process. 
When I see one of the older children voluntarily help out 
or involve one of the younger children in what they are working on,
my heart sings.  
These are precious moments to a mama.

 Another thing that I love, is to partake in a cozy Sunday nap. 
Part of me is jealous for the little ones, 
who are priviliedged to partake in a snugly nap every day.
  Watching them sleeping always brings a smile.


I love, love, love, the out of doors. 
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, each with it's own sounds, smells and beauty. 
I am so very thankful to live in the Northwest, 
where each season is pronounced and gorgeous.

I love the simple things in life:
The silly things small children say,
singing at the dinner table, eating good homemade food, 
watching the children play, visiting with friends, 
snuggling under covers when it is cold out,
harmonizing in the car, playing with kittens,
reading a good book together, walking in the woods, 
eating a crisp apple, sloppy baby kisses,

and oh so many wonderful things that the Lord has given us to enjoy.
He is good, so good.

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