Friday, October 8, 2010

The Love of a Godly Mother

We are having issues with our sweet little munchkin. 
The adorable cheesy grin belies the rebellious heart underneath.

He has taken a sudden turn, deciding he does not want to obey. 
So we are implementing what we call "Baby Boot" camp,
where mama delegates her household duties as much as possible for a day or two,
so that she can spend all energy, emotional and physical,
on closely following the wee tyrant around,
perhaps with an implement of discipline, and train.

We have found that every little one comes to a point of testing 
their will against yours now and then.
Boot Camp is the effective means to shepherding their heart
away from rebellion by securing the boundaries
and firming up any misgivings that the child is in control,
and must only exercise his will more diligently than the parent. 

At times like these, I pray...
a lot,
and I search my bookshelf for inspiration to keep on.
  I found a tiny little book titled, "The Love of a Godly Mother,"
stories about Mom from favorite authors. 
Perusing it this morning I came across just the sort of story
that kindled a fire within me to persist in my task. 

Gigi Graham relays this story of her mother, Ruth Belle Graham:
"My first impression of Jesus was my mother. 
I could have sung this song,
"Jesus loves me, this I know, for my mother showed me so." 
Mother never considered it a sacrifice to stay home with us children. 
We were all full of life and quite a handful;
however, though she never complained,
I think at times that it must have been difficult. 
Knowing that her husband was traveling the world,
meeting interesting people, seeing exciting places, and doing what many people considered a great work for the Lord,
she must have now and then felt "confined" to the mountains of North Carolina,
 with five small children and all that this entailed. 
I never realized just how hard this must have been until I had my seven.
Mother has often been asked how she raised us 
with Daddy being gone so much of the time. 
Her immediate reply has always been,
"On my knees."

Elsewhere in my tiny book is a quote from Ruth: 
"Lord, forgive me that I have so little time to spend on my knees.  
Raising children and running a busy house,
I have to do most of my praying "on the hoof," as it were.
But Lord, You know my heart is kneeling."

Following my little one around through the day,
directing him in his actions and attitudes,
I am encouraged by this story to keep praying,
keep focused on the end goal,
and keep on.

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