Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Candle Lit Evening

Few things in this life are as relaxing and romantic to me
than the soft glow of a candlelit home. 
I recall visiting the home of a dear fiend, who is also off grid,
and upon entering her house one evening,
was awestruck by the warmth, cozy appeal and romantic atmosphere
of her home in candlelight.
Instantly, I was addicted.

After dinner is cleaned up, I like nothing better than to light the candles,
turn off the lights and settle down with a big sigh.
The day’s work is done, 
and soon we will tuck all the children,
whom after the day’s various activities,
are now safely gathered in.

The dim lighting soothes and settles down the children,
usually, unless they get a mind to use the shadows as opportunities
to jump out and scare each other.
  But I soon put a hush to that,
drawing out our current read aloud and announcing it is time,
they squirm together on the couch in silent anticipation, eyes big.

The world seems a gentler, sweeter place in candlelight.
After the young ones are tucked,
we often sit in the dimness and visit with John,
 review the next day's schedule,
and recount humerous or notorious events of the day.
Perhaps it is just this candle-addict's justification for her habit,
but I believe the candle light uplifts the nurturer in me,
and well, isn't that just completely romantic?
Yes, indeed.


  1. My family and lived a similar life once upon a time...I am wondering what happen and where things changed, I want to come and visit with you and get my mind, thoughts, desires and life back where it should be. I have allowed life (as I call it) to smack me down, I am clawing to get back up, though I am week, I know HE IS STRONG and so I go to visit with HIM, what a blessing. Thanks for your blog is is truly a vessel God uses. Many blessings dear sister!

  2. I am living vicariously through your blog. Your life appears so peaceful and wonderful. Mine is chaotic. I DREAM that I could just leave all this and whisk my children away to live in a cabin. Far away from the influences of school, and media. You and your family are so extremely blessed to have the opportunity to pursue a simpler, peaceful life.

  3. There really is something about candlelight that's just awesome. I'm like that at Christmas too. I loved this blog, the house looks wonderful :) Tell everyone hi for me :)


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