Saturday, October 2, 2010

How To Get Organized

Welcome to our Saturday Large Family Living Post.
This is where and when we share some of the things we have learned along the way
as we raise our big family.
Things I wish I would have known years ago
 when I was struggling to adjust to bigger living,
like around child #5.
Today, I want to address some organizational issues,
particularly, my brain.

Putting fuel in the car on a trip with my daughters,
I opened the car door and said to my daughter,
“I need my brain, it is in the back seat,
can you hand it to me please.”
  My daughter was very aware of what I meant,
and it seemed completely natural to her to respond to my request,
but the man fueling up next to me nearly choked to death on his gum,
while doubling over in laughter.
My daughter handed me my lovely green binder
of which I keep all important information,
my “brain.”

A few years ago,
I realized that the random slips of paper all over the place,
with important information, which I kept losing,
along with my calendar that had all kinds of notes all over it,
was the extent of my organization.
This was not working well for me.

My husband took me to an office supply store
and helped me choose a Franklin Covey organizer,
which I balked at the price.
He calmly said,” you are the CEO of our family,
you NEED this.”

As usual,
he was right.
And the price has been worth it.
  Inside the front, I have everything I would keep in a wallet.
In the back, there is a place for a tablet,
which I have all kinds of shopping list info on,
and my clothing inventory.

  The middle consists of a monthly calendar,
and more importantly to me, a weekly planner.
This is where I work out each weeks menu,
keep track of everything everyone in the family is doing,
 and make notes on things to remember throughout the week.
  There is also an address book,
and various files of personal info,
like medical stuff you might need in an emergency,
a place to work on your budget,
and goal planning helps.

My model is a nice size,
not too big to fit into a purse or diaper bag,
but not too small for my aging eyes.

This year I found a less expensive Day Runner
with the same features.
I believe it is a very complementary tool for a mom of many.
I take my brain with me everywhere,
as well as sit down with it several times a week to sync
with my real brain.
I  am ever indebted to my husband for his wisdom
in getting me a system that works well.
His thoughtfulness has improved our family’s overall function incredibly.

If you don’t have an ideal organizer,
It will be well worth it to find one,
and put it to use.
Who can manage a household without a good brain?

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  1. I have a "brain" also, and that is what I have called it for years.

    It is a wonderful tool for any wife, mom, grandma, or woman. We all wear many hats and this little treasure will help us keep wearing them with comfort.



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