Friday, October 29, 2010

Sick Tikes

Welcome to our practical Saturday post for large family living.  
This is when and where we share some practical things 
that have helped us along the way of raising our large family.  
These are things I wish I would have known when we were struggling to adjust to a larger family, 
or at about child #5. 
Little Gabe and Bethany are sick this weekend with fever and cold symptoms, 
leaving mama without much free time.  
The rest of the family is off to a wrestling tournament, 
so my dear mom has come to keep me company and help with the sick tikes.  
Between holding the hot little ones, wiping noses, reading stories 
and trying to keep them from serious grumpiness, we are pretty busy. 
 So, here is an old post on nurturing your little lambs.
 I will likely be in the rocking chair with a sick tot, thinking of you.

From "Tending Sick Lambs", April 2010:

Illness brings out the nester in me. 
 I do not score highly in compassion or mercy when taking a spiritual gifts test, 
but as a mother of many, 
I do have reserves of both which do show up when my little lambs are sick. 
 I am reminded of a chapter in Edith Schaffer’s book, “Hidden Art,” 
n which she describes the days of her childhood illnesses
 as being some of her most fond memories
because of the loving care of her mother at those times. 
This has had a profound impact on me.

Nobody likes being sick, but everyone likes a bit of TLC, 
especially when they aren’t up to par. 
So I have begun to believe that family illness is a great opportunity 
for the well members to take extra special care and attention to the ones who are ill. 
 What a wonderful training time for our children who are well.  
They can help me and learn at my side, the ways to ease the discomfort of their siblings.  
Edith pointed out that fresh sheets on the bed, 
books read aloud, 
extra pillows, 
and other simple acts of thoughtfulness are good for both the ill and well. 
 These are things I can teach my children, as well as practical how to’s such as 
reading a thermometer, 
how to tell the difference between a  virus and an infection, 
when to medicate a fever, 
giving tepid baths, 
using herbal remedies, 
as well as fixing soothing foods.

Taking the illness in stride, then, one can see it as a God given time to slow down, 
think of one another, 
put our own agenda aside for a time,
 and serve one another.


  1. Praying they are feeling better and you're day was peaceful...

    My husband just used me jokingly as a sermon illustration this past week on my lack of compassion for him when he's sick! No joke.:)The story he told with it was rather comical....:) So your post is a challenge to slow down and nurture. Thank you again.:)

  2. Greetings, Julianne!

    I'm not much much for comments, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your beautiful blog. Lovely home, family, life.

    We had our eighth baby when I was 43, so I'm especially enjoying being able to share a bit in your journey toward childbirth, as there are not many mamas still purposely having babies in their forties around my neck of the woods!

    Warmly, Birdy


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