Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Explanation and Books

Between having a beautiful and important guest in our home this week,

and the nearing of the end of pregnancy, in which, 
I am needing more sleep, I am likely to not be posting everyday.
  I usually do my writing after the children have gone to bed, 
so that I am not interfering with their mommy time.  
But, my desire to sleep is increasing more
as Baby # 9 is due in 8 weeks. 
It must be my age, because it feels like
it SHOULD be much sooner.

With the Fall weather changing quickly from lovely to nasty 
to lovely again, these bad weather days are finding us 
cuddled up with a good book. 
No twaddle here.
Even the younger ones have a thirst for a good story,
whether it be an educational comic book, 
or the little one’s daily favorites.
These usually require sound effects to tell correctly.
  It is just amazing how bossy a 21 month old can be 
about how a book should sound.

Our love for books,
read quietly or aloud,
lead us down some wonderful trails. 
Currently we are reading aloud the "Indian In the Cupboard"
series by Lynne Reid Bank.  
Every night I am begged to read just a bit more… 
“Please Mama, just one more chapter?” 

Brian is reading “Bonhoeffer, (the newest biography) Pastor, Prophet, Martyr, Spy.  By Eric Metaxas. 

Anna is reading “What He Must Be” (to marry my daughter),
by Voddie Baucham
and “The Marketing Of Evil“, by David Kupelian.

Rose is enjoying “Do Hard Things“, by Alex and Brett Harris.

Grace is very into “Crazy Love“, by Francis Chan.

Joe cannot get his nose out of the “the Adventures of Tin Tin“,
just given to him today.
  A comic type educational book perfectly suited
for a 10 or 11 year old boy.  
He is also reading “The Sign of the Beaver“,
by Elizabeth George Speare.

Jim has Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island” on his mind, with 100 questions about pirates
and what “Would you do?” situations to ask me.

John finds his eyelids the choice of evening study material,
after a long day at work.
  Reading will come another time,
after the fire season has passed. 
Until then, the hunting regulations are about all he can withstand before his bed is beckoning him.

Currently I find I do not have time or energy to read anything beyond school papers and my email, 
but the sight of one of my family
absorbed in a book always puts a smile on my face,
as does having my beautiful fiend as my houseguest.


  1. Ah the travels a good book can take us on :)
    Now is the time for sleep as you well know after baby arrives it's sparse- so get good "mama rest"
    We will be paitently waiting for posts and sending love and good wishes in the off times :)

  2. We love books also. Our family is soooo blessed to live only a few miles away from the library. I love having the library in my life and the blessing it has been to us in homeschooling. :-)

    Praying for your last weeks of pregnancy to go smoothly.

  3. I love the picture of you and Gina at Manato gardens. They are still very beautiful.. Also loved all the pictures of the beds and how you put them together. You are certainly ready for that first snow storm. Now Rose has a job also so sometimes you will not have you big girl helpers. The snow will make them have more work also, but will close down John's work.

  4. Hi, Julianne~ I am very intrigued that Brian is reading the new biography about Bonhoeffer. I, too, have heard about this book on KMBI and was interesting in getting it to read. What does Brian think about it so far? Would he recommend it?

    Enjoy the rest that your body needs so very much right now. You are busy helping to build a healthy baby! There will be other days to read!


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