Friday, October 1, 2010

The Winter Bed

Being a cozy comfy person,
I take great enjoyment in making our home ready for the cold weather of winter 
that is just around the corner, or, as it were, that visited us last week
when we awoke to the house being 55 degrees two mornings in a row.

We have a tradition of taking the whole of October 1st to winterize our home. 
For me, this means getting our coats and boots from the attic, 
putting summer things away, and the making of winter beds. 
Is there anything more cozy on a cold winter night, 
wind howling, and temperatures dropping,
than snuggling under warms bedclothes in a soft and delightful bed?

We start with flannel sheets for all 9 children's beds. 
Then layers of warmth; a fleece blanket, then a wool blanket, 
a comforter (preferably goose-down), 
and topped with a quilt.  
An afghan throw made with love from Grandma may also grace the foot of the bed. 

Living with wood heat only, a house can get down right cold at night, 
or early in the morning when the fire is low. 
For this reason, the winter bed is very important to my peace of mind as a mother, 
comforting knowledge that my children will be cozy even if the house is 48 degrees.

All summer long, I visit thrift stores and yard sales to stock up on fleece pajamas,
warm socks, slippers, and bathrobes.  
When daddy's call awakens the children on a chilly morning,
they relunctantly leave their cozy dens of flannel, down and wool,
come downstairs to sit before the fireplace,
where they attempt to recreate the magic of their winter beds
by wrapping in blankets and sipping tea or coffee
until we get a good roaring fire going and the house warms up.

In the meantime, we may read or visit, blurry eyed and rumpled hair. 
I think it is a most romantic part of our life. 
When else can you get 6 children (it's hard to fit more) 
to snuggle on the couch for the better part of an hour every morning?

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  1. Looks sooo cozy. I can't wait!! :)

    But Where are the "Army Star Troopers" and the "Jedi Lego Guys" in these beds?

    LOL! (referring to Anna's post of course).


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