Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Remember When

Here, some favorite pictures from yester-year:

Ahh, those were the good ol' days.


  1. The kids are growing so fast, for some reason, in my mind, they are still young! :) Joe is still a toddler, not turning into a young man. Rosie and Anna are still little girls with chubby cheeks! Sigh.

    Love you all!

  2. Beautiful memories!! Precious times... and yet, I was JUST in your home the other day, witnessing the fruit of both God's faithfulness and yours throughout the years. Those "good ol' days" were part of a foundation to a beautiful heritage still unfolding. :)

  3. **sniff-sniff!!** Everyone looks so LITTLE!!! You are there scraping logs...that would be when you were expecting your little miss "B" and I was expecting my little redheaded "J". Then the pictures of your DH on the log wall~WOW~ how much God has accomplished since then in our lives and yours! Thank you for sharing! Love you!
    Mrs. B


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